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I am an accredited psychotherapist with a speciality in adult psychodynamic psychotherapy. I maintain accreditations from BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council, the UK’s leading professional association for psychoanalytic psychotherapy), and abide by their ethical codes and professional standards. I am a member of the  Association for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the NHS. 

My academic and clinical training affiliations are with the Psychoanalysis Unit of the University College London (UCL), the WPF Therapy, and the University of Manchester. 

I hold an updated DBS Enhanced Certificate for working with Adults and Children.

I offer in-depth one-to-one talking therapy to adults and young adults who have a variety of concerns including stress, anxiety, unsatisfactory relationships, sexual issues, depressive states, obsessional states, fear, anger and traumatic experiences.


My therapeutic approach can also enhance the lives of people who experience a loss of meaning in their lives, or feel they are alienated from their potentials or those who are seeking a greater sense of fulfilment in life. 

I take a psychodevelopmental perspective on mental life which affords integration of the past with the present so that it doesn't negatively affect the future; with a view of it having a constructive impact on the emotional life (read more here). In the context of appropriate professional boundaries, respect for my patients is of paramount importance, whilst maintaining an attitude of truthfulness and concern for privacy. 

Alongside my private practice, I provide psychodynamic psychotherapy to patients in the NHS Secondary Care. In the past I have also worked within the occupational health sector as well as within university counselling services. In addition to clinical work, I provide teaching and supervision within the NHS, as well as to students of psychoanalysis at London universities and psychotherapy training organisations.

about me

preliminary consultation

The initial consultation usually lasts for up to an hour and a half and may lead to a second meeting of fifty minutes.

It provides a setting in which we can think together about what brought you to consider psychotherapy at this stage of your life and to see whether we can work together.

It is also an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you may have about the process and myself and to see whether in your view psychotherapy with me is the right step forward. 

On my part, I shall carry out a full therapeutic assessment with you, carefully consider your current situation, your past experiences, your specific areas of concern and your expectations. I shall also assess whether psychodynamic psychotherapy is the right treatment choice for you.

If it is thought to be unsuitable, then alternative suggestions might be recommended. If I think I am not the right professional to help you, I may be able to refer you to a colleague.

During your initial consultation, we will also have the opportunity to discuss practical matters, such as suitable timetable, fees, holidays and so on.

In order to arrange an initial consultation, you can email me on or you can either leave a message on my voicemail or send me a text message on  

073 7991 6367 and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

individual therapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy draws on theories and practices of psychoanalysis and asserts that we are influenced by thoughts, wishes, desires, fantasies and other mental processes, of which we are largely unaware, hence unconscious. It explores the inner world and its influence over relationships and other aspects of our lives.

At the heart of it is the recognition that our emotional life as a human being is complex, and that we have had to deal with contradictory feelings throughout our lives, which can at times become overwhelming. Psychotherapy aims to explore these deep-seated layers of the mind and thereby alleviate distress and emotional pain in a meaningful way that is unique to each person's experience. It helps to make freer choices in life and offers an opportunity to open up capacity for greater fulfilment in life.

In psychodynamic psychotherapy, each session lasts fifty minutes, with a frequency of once or twice weekly and takes place at the same time each week on an ongoing long-term basis.

However, these details will be discussed and agreed with you in advance of commencing treatment.

What you choose to talk about in your sessions will be treated in strict confidence. 

Should you need further clarification, feel free to get in touch with me. All enquiries are confidential. 


Individual therapy:

Fees for each 50-minute session for ongoing therapy can be discussed during the preliminary consultation.

Initial consultation:

The fee for the preliminary consultation, which lasts up to an hour and a half, is £100. 


My consulting room is located in central London

To arrange a brief phone call and an initial consultation, you can send an email to or leave a voicemail on

073 7991 6367 

All enquiries are confidential.

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